Wednesday, 14 August 2013

You can have long as it is a courgette!

Growing your own vegetables is a fantastic thing to do.  I would recommend it to anyone with enough space to stand a plant pot.  From herbs on the windowsill to pots of strawberries ripening in the summer sun.  You can't beat the satisfaction of picking and cooking something you have grown.  

There is a slight downside though.  Sadly the plants are deaf to my requests to slow down a little!  This is currently the case with the courgettes in the garden.  So as you will see it is courgettes with everything for me for the foreseeable future.  

Dish number 1 today: Griddled courgettes on a bed of bulgar wheat with flat leaf parsley and lemon.

Dish number 2:  Tiny baby courgettes quickly fried off with a clove of garlic, baby rainbow chard and capers on toasted sourdough which was rubbed with rosemary.

Dish number 3: Vegan spiced courgette cake, this needs a little more experimentation.  It required a spoon to eat it! I am all in favour of squidgy cake but this was a step too far.  On the plus side it tasted pretty good so I will continue experiment and hopefully have a recipe to share soon.

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