Thursday, 29 August 2013

Everyone needs a glitter encrusted reindeer! Right?!

The first leaves are starting to turn and drift down from the trees.  Summer is nearly over.  So it is I find my thoughts once again fixating on Christmas.  For a girl who has already done three Christmas shoots this year you would imagine I might be sick of it by now! Oh no, not even little bit.  

This quirky (odd) idea popped into my head last week and I couldn't let it go.  Who could resist making glittered reindeer adorned jam jars! So here they are.

A couple of handy tips are:
1. I found the best size reindeers online, these are inexpensive cake decorations.

2. UHU worked well for gluing their hooves down.  Super glue might last longer but be careful, sticking your fingers to the reindeer is not what we are after!

3.  I painted mine with BBQ paint.  It came in a spray can from the hardware shop, it wasn't expensive and it has a nice satin finish rather than being a full matt. Remember to do this bit in a really well ventilated area and watch out for overspray (I have speckled socks now from that!)

Here are some simple step by step instructions for making your very own herd of reindeer jars!

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