Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dublin in the sunshine

After five manic weeks of work i finally managed to sneak in a couple of days away. Taking advantage of an offer on flights I took a trip to one of my favourite cities, Dublin. Although not a particularly physically restful couple of days, with under 48 hours there was so much to cram in, it was the perfect mental refresher.

There are two stops i always try and make when I visit. Number 1. The Cake Cafe. Tucked away in a quiet courtyard and serving the most delicious homemade food any fatigued little soul is quickly revived and soothed.

My second vital port of call is, surprise surprise another foodie stop, The Pig's Ear. A fantastic restaurant in the heart of the city. This time I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of my Dad along with the lovely meal. Sadly no pics of my tea as I was too engrossed in enjoying my dinner!

I love the presentation of the sugar for your coffee.

So home again sad to have left but ready to start work again and excited for the new challenges ahead. Hmmm and with a couple of blisters to remind me of my trip, turns out there are no such things as sensible shoes!

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