Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fruit, flowers and food . . .

As August swirls past with more rain than anyone really wants at this time of year a couple of days of with more sunshine and fewer showers are making all the difference in the garden. My hundreds of rock hard green tomatoes are finally starting to turn a lovely rusty orange colour on route to a glowing summery red. After much cursing at my dwarf bean, which up until now has flowered and flowered and nothing else, I have seen the first tiny curling pods of my runner beans. A small crop of potatoes have been pulled and the courgettes show no sign of stopping. I am trying to be patient as my strawberry plant has produced some lovely late fruit which is now promising a last late summer treat.

As this summer has progressed I have come to fully appreciate the joy and satisfaction that can be gained from a 12 ft veggie patch.

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